Blue Egyptian Cat Panel

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This is a large bespoke stained glass cat side panel to a door in blue and clear with egyptian style cat.  Handmade, using traditional lead techniques with a strengthening bar to prevent slumping, it is a truly stunning piece. I matched the blue of the cat to the blue of inserts in the double glazed units in the door and also the fan shape to those in the door unit.  The clear glass is textured using water and cathedral glass which allows light in but no clear visibility.   As a result privacy is maintained. This was a fantastic panel to make, I enjoyed the collaboration with Rae, not just relating to the design itself, but involving her in all aspects of choosing the types and colours of glass.

Please see her testimonial relating to the panel. I hope it inspires you to commission something for yourself that can be as much a talking piece as this panel is. Testimonial. Please feel free to Contact me here. I would be delighted to chat through any thoughts you have and send through designs based on those conversations.


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