Glass Red Squirrel – Sitting


Who doesn’t love a red squirrel.  This one is sitting holding a hazelnut in what I see as one of the classic squirrel poses


Who doesn’t love a red squirrel and this one is sitting holding a hazelnut. For me one of the joys of living in Scotland is the fantastic wildlife.  The first  (and only time) time I saw a red squirrel in my garden I was on a zoom call which was immediately sent into chaos as I got totally distracted by the  squirrel running about! I have a few options for squirrels now, trying to get them at their cutest.

Made using traditional Tiffany foiling techniques with loop for hanging.  It is approx 5″ in length (13.5cm) from the top of his bushy tail to the branch he is on and the same wide.  If I don’t have one in stock it will be a 2 week turnaround.



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