Blue Heart Shoe


Blue heart shoe


Stained glass blue heart horse shoe (symbolising trust, harmony, peace and loyalty) using Tiffany foiling technique.  Encapsulated in a used heavy horse shoe approx 7.5″ x 9″ (19cm x 23cm) – this varies according to which shoe is used.  I used second hand (hoof?) horse shoes so although there is choice, it is limited. They are battered and rusted. I clean them up and lacquer them, but they aren’t shiny smooth clean new shoes. They are from heavy horses, eg Clydesdales, Shires, Suffolk Punch etc, and most have come from a fantastic organisation in the Lake District Cumbrian Heavy Horses who are ‘The World’s ONLY BHS Approved Heavy Horse Riding Centre! Lake District National Park riding on fields fells beaches. Passionate about Heavies!’, they also breed these endangered horses. Well worth going on one of their rides, they do both day rides and multi day rides.

I can also use shoes that you provide, so contact me if you want this to happen. This can be put inside or outside, but if put outside I would recommend bringing in during the winter months or when heavy frost. It can be either hung or put on a stand.  Plastic and metal stands available separately.




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