Shears Flower


Flower shears


Stained glass flower shears, great fun and beautifully colourful.  There are so many lovely old tools out there that are just thrown away, this seemed wrong to me. People who use those tools are usually quite passionate about them, so I decided to create something personal with them. I am often told that dad, grandparents and brothers are so hard to buy for, and I have to be honest that in general these pieces are usually bought for them, those and the motorbike part gifts, see Motorbikes

I love the colours in this, they are subtle and strong accents to draw the eye and the shears look fantastic in a garden, after all, that where they are meant to be! The colours that just shine in the vegetation. Created using traditional Tiffany foiling techniques and added to a pair of renovated shears.  For use in garden, though would recommend bringing in over winter.  If you have your own shears that you would like to be used then please let me know.



  1. Mark Ellismuir

    I think this is a fantastic idea

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