Lightweight Heart Pawprint


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Stained Glass Heart Pawprint, no lead in this one which makes it a lot lighter to hang approx 2″ x 2″ (5cm x 5cm) in size. It can be made one colour or multi coloured.  This one was made for my daughter in law and her business colours are red and black. Lacey’s Plods and Paws The big pad is a heart as we love our dogs and cats. Rather than using stained glass, this is made using traditional Tiffany Style foiling techniques making it quite light.




  1. Samantha Lacey

    I had this made for my dog walking business PlodsnPaws and I asked for something small enough to go in my car but I wanted it to match my colour scheme and it has been absolutely perfectly designed and created! It sits brilliantly in my car and adds that little cuteness. I am very pleased!

    • Pia

      Thank you Sam! Glad it turned out as you wanted.

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