Traditional Scandinavian Nisse Men Red


Danish Nisse Men Red

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Glass Nissemen Christmas decorations in blue, these delightful Christmas characters. They are 6″ x 1″ ( 15cm x 2.5cm) approx – this is the size for one with a straight hat.  As they are made using Tiffany foiling techniques and therefore they are light enough to hang on a Christmas tree or hung in windows.  Nisse Men have a few different options. Please make a note on your order in the field marked Order Notes (optional) if you want a specific type,  otherwise I will make a random selection.  The choices are: pointy beard straight hat, pointy beard curved hat, square beard straight hat, straight beard curved hat.

These are my interpretation of decorations from my childhood. We had pipe cleaner nisse men in red and white that we hung on our Christmas tree, some on skis, some on ice skates, and I still have them now, though they are rusting and many are held together with glue.



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