Lucky Wedding Horseshoe


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Stained glass wedding horseshoe, such a lovely unique gift.  This can be made in the colours of the dresses following the theme of the wedding or whatever is required.  This is made using Tiffany foiling techniques to enable me to add detail rather than traditional lead.  This one I worked in conjunction with an engraver I knew, so he hand engraved the front of the shoe with the wedding information – and what a nightmare that was for him to do, the  metal is so much tougher to engrave than glass. It is seen as good luck to have a horseshoe, some brides having them in their bouquet, but then must be kept turned upwards so the luck doesn’t fall out! Please see the lovely engraving that my friend Alexis has done on this horseshoe. He usually engraves glass, but in this case did the shoe itself. Any cost for engraving would be added on top of the price listed here. Walking on Glass.




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